Paper Planes

More Love Tour Hoodie - Black

$88.80 $148

The official hoodie for the 1976 “More Love Tour” by The Mighty Planes Crew.

Part of the Paper Planes “Lovers Rock” series, the “More Love Tour” is a soundscape of R&B-influenced romantic reggae that emerged in mid-70s London..

Enjoy notes infused with soulful grooves made for amorous encounters with a deeply nostalgic feel.

The tour starts at Paper Planes Studio 540 in Brixton, South London, circles the world, and lands at our HQ, Studio 540, in New York City.

Don’t miss this musical affair celebrating friends and lovers everywhere — in the past, present, and future.

P.S. Get noticed on nights out: This hoodie features a grey reflective print that shines under the light in dark settings.

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